About Us

Our mission is to promote the healing process by providing smart solutions for our partners and the patients they serve.

AstraMed is the most technology-infused company in its genre, a 24/7 equipment resource company for hospitals specializing in sale and asset management of movable medical equipment. Among the fastest growing companies AstraMed is widely known for its 24-hour personalized attention to our partner’s needs. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified for its medical equipment management processing system, and offers advanced options for managing equipment purchases, equipment maintenance and equipment tracking technology.

To ensure partner satisfaction, AstraMed offers value-added services such as online equipment ordering, equity options, flexible payment options, proprietary equipment management software, and RFID tagged equipment.

We offer useful medical supplies and equipment for professionals in a wide variety of practices, both large and small. On AstraMedical, you can find products suitable for use in hospitals, primary care facilities, long-term care facilities and dental offices. We also offer products tailored to the needs of home-care providers, emergency respondent, physical therapists, fitness trainers and veterinarians.