Shoulder Pulley

Recovery from a shoulder injury can be a long process requiring multiple stages of rehabilitation. There may be surgery. There will likely be an extended period of immobilization as healing progresses, followed by a carefully planned exercise program. Full recovery can take months, during which time patients will become intimately familiar with an array of physical therapy tools—including one known as the shoulder pulley.

Shoulder pulleys have been used for many years to treat shoulder injuries. Originally they were cumbersome devices fixed to the walls of physical therapy clinics. PrePak Products’ Bill Bollinger developed the first portable shoulder pulley for home use, and decades later his Home Ranger remains the leading shoulder pulley on the market.

  • Increases flexibility and range of motion in shoulder movement
  • Safely rehab shoulder and rotator cuff injuries
  • Stretch and improve circulation in upper body muscles
  • Foam cushion assistive grip for comfort and safety
  • Patented grip-all ball for safe, fast rope length adjustment


Shoulder Pulley With Foam Handle

Shoulder Tubing Pulley Light

Shoulder Tubing Pulley Medium

Shoulder Tubing Pulley Heavy